The Kinky Struggle

kinky struggle

You take your weave off, wash it and hang it to dry. You plop yourself on your bed and start to loose out your natural hair. You look at your hair in the mirror, sigh, roll your eyes, suck your teeth and exclaim, “what a mess, I’m too tired for this.” Unless it’s really itchy or dirty, you tie it up and say to yourself, “I’ll do it later”.

Let’s face it, washing our hair is time consuming and can be a long and annoying process. This is especially true for those of us with really kinky hair. Growing up as a child, Earyn McGee, a 19-year-old junior at Howard Unversity washed and conditioned her hair once or twice a week and would immediately put hair “grease” in it right after. “My family lived in California where it’s hot so my mom would say, ‘sweat mixed with dirt and the grease from your hair is bad for your face.’ So she tried to keep my head clean as much as possible.”  According to most experts, African Americans are supposed to wash our hair every two weeks. Also, regular shampooing can prevent bacteria (Gross!) from growing on your scalp.